Barbara Holloway
Coral Huck Lace Weave"Cozumel" Huck Lace"Coral 2" Huck Lace"Dakota" Stripe"Tunisian Eggplant Fig" Stripe"Carnelian Bronze" Stripe"Antique" Stripe"Turkish" Stripe"Azure" Stripe"Chimayo" Stripe"Terra Cotta" Blockweave "Classic Jewel" Block Weave"Tribal" Blockweave"Playa"  Blockweave"Black Gold" Blockweave"Thai" Blockweave"Swiss" Blockweave"Earth Jewel" Blockweave"Winter Jewel" Blockweave"Sahara"  Blockweave"Desert" Blockweave"Latigo" Blockweave"Caribe"  Blockweave
These are samples of the handwoven fabrics with which I am currently working. I am constantly creating new designs and patterns, so if you don't see something you like here, please contact me.

Please click on a thumbnail at left to see a larger image of the fabric.